UNHCR – “Do you see what I see”

The UN's refugee agency UNHCR have created a project and photo exhibition called “Do You See What I See”. The project lets young refugees shine a light on their world and share it with others, through their writing and photography.

Agency: Torchbox

Client: UNHCR

Role: Front end lead

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The project was interesting and challenging, and I leaped at the chance to work on a project with an organisation that has done some much to help those worse off.

I was asked to be the front end lead for the project and started work looking through the designs the UNHCR had sent over.

The project was my first using the Wagtail CMS built by Torchbox. As the timescale for the project was very short I had my work cut out, getting to grips with a new CMS.

However the templating system turned out to be fairly straightforward and I made good progress on this. I used LESS CSS for styling which I have used many times before. I leveraged a set of mixins and practices to ensure I could convert the design easily and quickly into code to style the templates. I liaised with the UN’s designer to bridge the gap between our capabilities, as the first iterations of the designs weren’t optimised for mobile.

Hard work, foresight and attention to detail paid off and the project was delivered on time.

Key tasks carried out:

  • Expert opinion and analysis of the designs and approach and guidance throughout the project to avoid delays
  • Liaison with the UN’s designer
  • Working with just a mobile and fixed desktop design to produce a site that worked responsively for a range of device widths
  • Development using the Wagtail CMS
  • Use of Javascript and jQuery along with harvey.js to deliver a responsive UI
  • Delivery of a challenging project in a minimal time frame


A workshop page with a picture of one of the camps

A workshop page with a picture of one of the camps

A refugee's profile page complete with post

A refugee’s profile page complete with post

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