JRF mobile

Mobile optimised experience for the social charity, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

Agency: Torchbox

Client: The Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF)

Role: Front end, design extrapolation, UX

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The JRF are a social policy research and development charity. We already work on their Drupal 6 site but they wanted to retrofit their site so it was optimised for users who visited on mobile devices. The JRF have a large amount of content that would need to styled to work for mobile, this included carousels, charts, graphs, infographics and A-Z navigation for listings. The site wasn’t previously designed or styled with mobile in mind.

Key responsive tasks carried out:

  • Gathering a good list of content types and pages to test with that covered as much variation of content as possible.
  • Styling all content types to work at breakpoint of 550px and below, which covers small and large mobile viewports.
  • Installing LESS CSS to add with the speed and reuse of code for styling
  • Working closely with the designer to ensure key page designs would work on mobile.
  • Implementation of the sidebar ‘swooping’ menu and elements that required DOM restructuring and manipulation using jQuery.
  • Extrapolation of the designs outside of the three mobile designs provided by the designer.

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