Canal and River Trust

One of my first jobs at Torchbox was to work on the front end development of a rebrand and redesign project for the Canal and River trust (CRT).

The Canal & River Trust is a charitable trust that was set up to look after the waterways of England and Wales. They required a site design and front end build job that would then be passed to their in-house backend development team, to complete the build.

Key tasks carried out:

  • Production of pages following the designs produced, using LESS CSS and HTML5
  • Liaison with the developers working at CRT to ensure we were producing code they could understand and reuse
  • Working closely with the designer to ensure key page designs would work on mobile
  • Production of a fuzzy felt bootstrap that the developers at CRT could use to copy designed front end components
  • Later work on the mobile optimised version of the site
An image of how the completed Canal and River Trust website looks.

The completed Canal and River Trust website.

A Canal and River Trust index page about nature.

A Canal and River Trust index page.

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